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  • It's an app extraordinaire! Trust me, download the app and you will forever be grateful like me.

    - Ben Pat

  • My Mother never complaints about pain in arm when Blood Pressure is measured.

    - Sree Kumari

  • Now I can travel with my BP Meter easily and no hassle of battery changing

    - Ravi Prasad

  • My doctors were impressed when I shared my BP and Weight on my mobile with him.

    - George

  • Cool look, It is awesome way to capture and share my health data. Pretty impressed.

    - Richa Singh

Cooey Media Coverage

Cooey is striving towards personalizing health care.

Some words about us

What we do?

Cooey is an end to end health monitoring IOT platform that intends to collect (device), store, analyze and provide insights of vital signs for patients. It connects you with the health services and provides personalized services according to your health state.

For end users it is a health management application with personalised services.It is single window for life management.

Enrich your life with personalized insights from your daily life.

Cooey targets:

  • Wellness
  • Chronic patients(Current focus is Diabetics and Hypertension)
  • Antenatal care
  • Cooey offers:

  • Devices: Log, share your medical data and let us do the analysis
  • Smart assist: Personalized tips and recommendations based on daily life actvities from our smart recommendation engine
  • M-Log: Mobile based personal health management application. Diabetes and Hypertension App. Services available in India.
  • W-Log: Web based portal which works on mobiles,tablets and desktop computers
  • .

    Why choose us?

    Cooey Smart Glucometer

    Third Platform for connecting with employees

    Why Third Platfom?

    Mobile phone is the hub of information flow today. As health and wellness of employees becoming focus of corporates and elegant solution for end to end management is needed. Cooey focus on collecting daily data from mobile and smart devices to improve lifestyle of employees to improve over all health.

    Cooey 3rd Platform offers:

  • Measure and Monitor : Smart devices like Bluetooth enabled BP monitor and Weighing Scale auto logs the medical data and share remotely with the doctor or loved ones. This enables "Quantified Self". Platform also has capability to read data from any self-care devices.
  • Engage: We collect four pivotal data: Mobile usage data, Profile data, health vitals, medicines and lab reports. This is analysed to provide relevant health tips to improve health management. Partners can use either the customizable mobile application or Mobile SDK to build their own application. Our smart autobot Maya helps in voice based data logging and chats.
  • Fulfilment: The pivotal data is also used to create dynamic profile of the patient according to the current health condition. Further our custom smart engine uses analysis and other scoring algorithm to derive service recommendations to the patients (recurring medicines, lab support, coaching)
  • We are also looking for partners. Who can partner?

  • Health Care Service Providers looking for Tech
  • Mobile App/EMR which need Smart Device Intergration
  • Corporate Partners
  • Please refer our Case Studies which reflects our sucessful models.
    To partner with us email us:wanttopartner@cooey.co.in

    Cooey IOT Health Platform

    Choose your guard

    Blood Pressure Monitor

    • Mobile sync via Bluetooth
    • Heart beat and blood pressure
    • Ultra-slim design( 13.2MM )
    • Rechargeable lithium battery
    • Advanced MEMS sensors
    • Two year guarantee
    • Web portal & mobile app
    • Why?
    • Manual
    • Pairing with App

    Smart Glucometer

    • Mobile sync via 3.5 mm Phone Jack
    • Free intuitive mobile app
    • Only 0.6 micro liter blood needed
    • Testing time :10 seconds
    • Battery life: 5 years /4000 times
    • Smaller Size:40*30*8 mm
    • Web portal
    • Two year guarantee
    • Why?

    Download Cooey Diabetes and Hypertension App for Androidfor using the smart devices(Diabetics, Hypertension and Weight Management App

    We are building it for you

    cooey ('ku:i): A peculiar sound uttered by the Australian aborigines as a call to attract attention


    Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

    Cooey Smart Blood Pressure Arm Monitor is an easy-to-use smart home blood pressure monitoring device.

    • Measures

      Measures systolic/diastolic pressure and pulse readouts.Irregular Heartbeat Detector (IHD) to detect pulse irregularities.

    • Seamless integration via Bluetooth

      Sync data with Andriod application via Bluetooth.Supports Bluetooth 4.0.

    • Medical records in Web and Mobile

      View logged data in Web portal and Mobile application.

    • Ultra-slim arm cuff monitor

      Utral-slim Design, its heigh is only 13.2MM. Easily fits into travel kit.

    • Precision sensors

      Measuring While Inflating (MWI) technology. Equipped with MEMS pressure sensors.Automatic flating.

    • Accuracy

      Pressure: : ±3mmHg; Pulse : ±5% of reading

    • Requirements

      Requires Bluetooth 4.0 Smartphone/Tablet.Android 4.3 and above.

    • Specifications

      1. Wrist sizes: About 13.5cm-21.5cm
      2. Unit dimension: Approx. 79.8 X 72.5 X 13.2mm
      3. Unit weight: 110 g
      4. Cosmetic: Cuff: grey soft cuff Housing: Plastic ABS material with injection color
      5. Housing: Plastic ABS material with injection color

    • FAQ

      1. Why measure: Provide doctors with information for better diagnosis. See how you are responding to medication
      2. Is it accurate: Extremely Accurate,Blood Pressure Monitors must meet stringent specifications for accuracy. Pressure: :± 3 mm Hg (millimetres of Mercury), Pulse: :± 5% of display reading. These values meet or exceed the provisions of EC directive and other standrands.Please follow all instructions to make sure the measurments are accurate.
      3. Why BP value varies: Blood pressure varies through out the day. User's technique is very important for reliable measurement results. For accurate results follow manual.

    Smart Glucometer

    • Mobile sync via 3.5 mm Phone Jack
    • Free intuitive mobile app
    • Only 0.6 micro liter blood needed
    • Testing time :10 seconds
    • Battery life: 5 years /4000 times
    • Smaller Size:40*30*8 mm
    • Web portal
    • Two year guarantee