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A Complete, Smart Platform for Connected and Collaborative Care .

In-Home Care
Maya – Smart Virtual Assistant

  • Voice-based logging | Chatbot
  • Alexa - ask-your-own-need skill
  • Cognitive intelligence & Machine learning

Simple – Connected – Smart
Simple – Connected – Smart

  • Simplified Logging
  • Smart Health & Coaching
  • Smart Bluetooth Devices
  • Actionable data

Smart Health
Smart Health

Customizable rules to trigger relevant -

  • Lifestyle Advice – course | video | quiz
  • Health Status Monitoring | Challenges & goal setting
  • Actionable Data – Real time | Between visits

Smart Body Fat Analyser
The scale that makes you look smart!

Pair your device via Bluetooth. Get all your weight indices transferred to the mobile app. Set personal weight goals and track progress from your smartphone.

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Smart Bluetooth BP Monitor
Track your blood pressure on the go!

You no longer need to log your data. Sync your readings via Bluetooth with your mHealthApp. Provides accurate readings whether you are at home or on the go. Hear the results spoken back to you and keep the data in your smartphone for future reference.

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BP Moniter

Alexa Smart Health

This is an interactive holistic skill featuring health information,medical profile and medical record analysis.For medical patients who feed information through the skill for use by medical professionals for purposes of monitoring and diagnosing medical conditions.

 Alexa Integration

AnyCare Kin

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